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British Shorthair

The Females

The Males

What you need to know beforehand is that all breeding stock born in the cattery or coming from other breeders meet the following requirements:

  • All cats have a Pedigree.
  • All breeding cats are tested negative for the following infectious diseases: Leucosis and Aids (FIV FELV test).
  • They are all free of PKD (fatal kidney disease) by genetic tests which allow to have a free parentage.
  • A cardiac echography is done by a veterinarian at the beginning of the career and then regularly throughout the reproduction in order to detect cardiac malformations as well as HCM (hypertrophic heart disease which can be hereditary).
  • Since the beginning of the cattery, all the males of our marriages carried out on the spot or in external projections answer the same requirements, this with an aim of giving to the kittens the best possible health at the beginning.

The choice of breeding stock

In 2010, before becoming a breeder, I had already adopted a British Shorthair for company. The kitten was born in a private home. He had a single female who had been mated to a breeder in the Paris region. Afterwards, I realized the consequences of my choice to use a private individual rather than a professional. The kitten was cute but average in type, with the obligatory papers but few tests.

So even before I became a breeder, I became aware of the importance of the choice of breeding stock. The marriages must be studied to have beautiful kittens in good health. Why do you ask? Well, because the choice of breeding stock and matings requires knowledge and skills in selection.
However, it is necessary to start well.

The search for breeding stock:

This is the first exercise in starting up a farm. You have to look, but where? In your own country to start with, then quickly abroad to get new lines. It is therefore necessary to acquire knowledge in the reading of pedigrees and this at international level.

Here are two examples of cats that have marked my work:

First of all, there was Gracieuse Eugénie, who came from a small cattery in the South of France in 2011, and who turned out to be an extraordinary cat in every way. Her particular character still marks a lot her descendants and enchants the adopters who have her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren… Exceptional mother who filled me with joy and who gave birth to very intelligent and very elegant kittens. They are mostly quite demonstrative in affection, sometimes loving arms more than the average British, particularly funny and present in their family, but not very inclined to share their life with other animals.

This is a line that expresses itself slowly in its physical development: kittens grow and fatten slowly until they are about 3 years old. Their eyes often become exceptional in colour but only in adulthood. Gracieuse Eugénie is the perfect sire in every way.

Another example, I adopted Gloria and Horacio Bonibrit in a quality cattery in Lithuania. Bringing 2 kittens together from far away, who will live their first months together is a chance for them as well as for the breeder. Unfortunately, Horacio retired early because the breeding process was very difficult. He had only one love among my females: Ivanna des Grenadines de Celan.

Of his only loves, I have kept the descendants: Pomerol born from the union of Noli du Clos d’Eugénie and Novak du Filon d’Or at my friend Pascale’s, who will be a father in 2021.

At the same time, Gloria has had a beautiful progeny for 3 years: Merveille, Or Rose, Ô de Violette and now Roméo are magnificent fathers and mothers who have participated or are currently participating in my work and that of my friends. Unlike Gracieuse, her offspring are fast in their development: they grow quickly, have coloured eyes in their first months of life. They are more sociable with animals but less demonstrative with their family.

This knowledge of my cats, their origins, their health, their development, their character is my greatest asset as a breeder. I can’t tell here the story of all the cats who have contributed to my building: each one has participated in his own way, whether he has reproduced or not, whether I have kept him or not, because each one has enriched my life first of all, enrichment in emotions, in experiences, in knowledge…

I thank them all, and I love them all enormously, even if most of them now live far from me, in very beautiful families.