Shagall V2 EN


Born on 7 July 2021
Parents : Habibi Hanah Bohemia & Pomerol du Manoir de Noli

Shagall is the first home-born male that I keep at home. He is the result of a short breeding period of his parents and it is important to me to keep this genetic heritage which is totally different from my daughters.

He will be able to be united with all my current females.

He is chocolate Blotched tabby and white like his mother. Without the silver gene which makes him look darker.

On the physical side he is round all over which makes him really cute. On the character side he is very very affectionate which is nice in a young male.

From 2 bicolour parents, and having an extended bicolour, a big genetic question arose?

Will Shagall be able to give me solid kittens?

The white gene (Ws for White spotting) being a dominant gene, only one copy is needed to be with white. If Shagall had received the white gene from each of his parents, he would only be able to have two-coloured kittens in the future.

This genetic question being decisive I did a genetic test in the United States because this test is very rare and the good news came after a long wait: Shagall is heterozygous for the White Spotting gene and there will be plain kittens in the litters.

Habibi Hanah Bohemia

Born: 27 July 2020
Parents : Arya & Azrael

Habibi is a small female who by a happy coincidence was born on the same day as Radieuse, July 27, 2020 at the Hannah Bohemia cattery in Prague. Raised in a friendly atmosphere, she has a very strong character and expresses herself a lot. She loves to run around and enjoys the company of her fellow cats. She is also very sociable with humans. She is smaller than the average size but has a very harmonious body with a soft, dense coat, small ears and a short, thick tail.

Habibi is the colour of my dreams. Her breeder Radana specializes in British Shorthair Blotched tabby in Silver and bi-colour.

How is Habibi different from my British?

She’s chocolate: it’s a basic colour that I only work with in its diluted form, lilac.

She is silver: the silver gene is a colour modifier gene. It gives the silver background that makes Habibi’s dress bright.

She is blotched tabby: The tabby gene is the one that gives a tabby pattern. There are several tabby patterns in the British. Habibi’s tabby pattern is blotched, which is characterised by butterfly wings on the flanks and oysters on the shoulders. This tabby pattern is recessive so it will be difficult to show it on kittens but all Habibi’s kittens will be tabby.

This is a new direction for me that I wish to start with the collaboration of friends breeders in the next years.

The recent arrival of Habibi is the occasion to explain you here the modalities of integration of a cat of another breeding and the beginning of a new type of British.

In order to choose a kitten born abroad from a distance, I first had to get in touch with the Czech breeder and obtain from him some essential information: the parents’ pedigrees and their health tests (screening for Leucosis, Aids, Polycystic Kidney Disease and the parents’ heart scans). As not all breeders have the same level of requirements, the choice of breeders is already reduced at this first stage. There are not many breeders I can turn to because of the difficulty of obtaining this level of professionalism.

For Habibi, I obtained the necessary information without difficulty from his breeder Radana. We have a common vision of breeding and reproduction.

Once booked, the journey from Prague in the Czech Republic to my home near Paris in France had to be organised. Her sister Haiko was booked by my friend Sylvie from Les Gummis en Sucre cattery. On arrival in France, Habibi and Haiko were isolated together at home. The quarantine period is a precaution to avoid that the new kitten contaminates the cats of the cattery if it was carrying any disease. This period therefore allows all the necessary medical examinations to be carried out before introducing the kitten to the other cats.

Various administrative procedures are also necessary to regularise the arrival of a foreign cat in France from the very first days: the chip must be registered with the I-Cad and the foreign pedigree must be registered with the LOOF. The administrative formalities take time. It is necessary to have all the export papers in order to make the administrative steps, at the risk of an administrative quarantine of 6 months extremely restrictive (sanitary and administrative controls).

At the end of the quarantine Haiko joined my friend Sylvie and Habibi became Radieuse’s best friend.

Habibi had a single litter of 2 kittens.

A caesarean section had to be performed which caused serious health complications for her. Radieuse took care of the kittens until Habibi could take care of them again. She joined a loving family and I kept her beautiful kitten Shagall.

du Manoir de Noli

Born: 15 July 2019
Parents : Novak du Filon & Noli du Clos D’Eugénie

Pomerol is a medium sized blue and white British Shorthair male with very nice proportions. He has a big thick coat and a beautiful expression which comes from his grandmother Ivanna. The resemblance between them is striking. The ears are quite small, well set, the eyes are large and round with a colour that could be more intense.

As for his character, he has a strong personality and is very sociable with his fellow dogs.

Pomerol was born thanks to my collaboration with several breeder friends.

His father is Novak du Filon d’Or who was born at my friend Pascale’s home in Angoulême, France. His mother is Noli du Clos d’Eugénie who lives with Charlotte in Angoulême. Charlotte had a small breeding for two years where Pomerol was born. I am very happy with this as it has allowed me to keep the offspring of Ivanna des Grenadines de Celan and Horacio Bonibrit who I will introduce to you on this page and who were my breeding stock many years ago.

Pomerol was the father of Radieuse and Habibi’s kittens in 2021. He has retired.

Shagall will take over.

Pomerol is also an opportunity to talk about the Longhair gene.

There is a Shorthair gene and a Longhair gene. The Shorthair gene dominates the Longhair gene.

Therefore, there are three possibilities:

British Longhair: The cat receives the Longhair gene from both parents

– British Shorthair pure Shorthair: The cat receives the Shorthair gene from both parents

– British Shorthair Longhair carrier : The cat receives from one parent the Shorthair gene and from one parent the Longhair gene

Pomerol is a British Shorthair Longhair carrier. As he carries the Longhair gene, he could have British Longhair kittens in his litters if he makes a marriage with :

– a Longhair female

– or a female British Shorthair carrier Longhair.

As far as I am concerned, I wish to have British Shorthair kittens. To achieve this, I always try to favour marriages with at least one pure Shorthair parent. As the Shorthair gene is dominant, with one pure Shorthair parent all kittens are Shorthair.

The maternal grandparents : Ivanna and Horacio

Pomerol is the grandson on the mother’s side of 2 breeds that have marked my cattery : Ivanna des Grenadines de Celan and Horacio Bonibrit

des Grenadines de Celan

Born on 20 September 2013
Parents : JJ & Humphrey

Ivanna was born in Brittany to a breeder who has always been passionate about the British. From the moment she was born, I fell in love with this love doll and when she arrived at my home, I discovered a little female with a strong personality and a very nice physique.

She was a very good mother during the years when she had beautiful litters. She gave birth to several small plain and bicoloured kittens, Shorthair and Longhair. Today her lineage is preserved by Pomerol who looks very much like her both physically and in character.

Horacio Bonibrit

Born on 5 August 2015
Parents: Lady Nica & Perseus

Horacio arrived from Lithuania with Gloria at the end of 2015. He was very promising for me as he came from a pure blue British Shorthair line at a time when I wanted to specialise in blue British Shorthair.
He should have been the daddy of all my kittens in 2017 but he only had one love, Ivanna. I never knew why any other marriage succeeded. He retired early and joined a wonderful family. His daughter Noli went to a young breeder, Charlotte. Noli is Pomerol’s mother.