Serena V2 EN

Rolls Royce
du Clos D'Eugénie

Born on March 3, 2020
Parents: Ô de Violette & Paco

Serena was born at Martine’s home in Millau on the same day as Soleil Levant in Versailles, which is a charming coincidence, especially as they are cousins through their maternal grandfather, the handsome Only You of the Gummis en Sucre.

Serena is, in a word, the fruit of friendship and thanks to her I am back in the pretty plain blue dress of my early days.

Serena’s presentation is an opportunity to write about the blue colour in the British, which is the original colour of this breed.

In 1871 at the first cat show at the Crystal Palace in London, the British Shorthair was shown and won all the major prizes at the show. As the first breed of shorthair cats, they were given the name British Shorthair. The first cats were blue and this colour is still the best known today.

The breed was recognised in France by the FFF (Fédération Française Féline) in 1979. For many years few cats were shown and they were mainly blue. In the last ten years, the British Shorthair has become very popular, always in blue but also in all the colours and coats available in the breed.

The success of the breed is due to the teddy bear-like physique and the jovial character of the breed. The plain blue is very popular because there are few other breeds to compete with it: the Chartreux and the Russian Blue only.

When I chose my first breeders, I adopted a cinnamon male, a lilac tabby point female and a blue and white female. When I had my first kittens I fell in love with the solid blue, and from then on I adopted my first blue breeders including Gloria and Horacio Bonibrit, who are the great grandparents of Soleil Levant and Shagall.

After several generations of solid blue, I aspire to offer more diversity of colours and coats in the kittens.

Ô de Violette
du Clos D'Eugénie

Born on July 3, 2018
Parents: Gloria & Eminem

Ô de Violette was born at home from Gloria’s last litter of 4 blue girls. I kept Ô de Violette and Or Rose in this litter. It was an amazing adventure as they grew up together and had their first litter in the same week in June 2019. They raised their 9 kittens together making me live an exceptional double litter.

Physically, Violette is a good-sized female with a blue coat tending towards charcoal grey. Her coat is of perfect quality. Her intense eyes are exceptional. Her body is short and stocky, set on short and strong legs. She is a very beautiful cat.

Her character fascinates me, it’s the zen attitude. Afraid of anything and not aggressive at all, even under stress, she is a perfect mother in every way.

Gloria Bonibrit

Born on May 14, 2015
Parents: Pandora & Orphéus

Gloria was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Arrived from Lithuania at the age of 7 months with her cousin Horacio, I immediately liked everything about Gloria: her looks and her character. She is an extremely well proportioned medium sized female with a fabulous dark blue coat, which Violette inherited. Her incredible orange eyes are easily passed on to her offspring. Gloria comes from a line of blue British over many generations and she herself has only passed on this colour to her offspring.

As far as character is concerned, she is a marvel. She is always in a good mood and gentle. Pacifist with her fellow dogs, I have seen her step in to end a fight with incredible determination.