British Shorthair cattery near Paris since 2011

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I have been a British Shorthair breeder since 2011. In love with all animals since childhood without having been in contact with them on a daily basis, I have concretized my love for them by adopting dogs first in adulthood, then a first cat adopted in an association. It allowed me to discover that the cat is a wonderful companion, perfectly adapted to city life. Its presence is captivating, even fascinating.

In 2010, during a cat show, I discovered the British Shorthair breed and it was love at first sight. I didn’t know it yet but the adventure of breeding started at that moment. After having followed the technical training to carry out this activity, I created a cattery on a human scale near Paris: Les British du Clos d’Eugénie.

As a professional breeder, I have at heart to give birth to beautiful kittens in full health with a pleasant character. To achieve this, I have to combine the ethics of breeding, the well-being of the animals and the aesthetics defined by the standard for the greatest happiness of my adopters.