Habibi Hanah Bohemia

Born on July 27, 2020
Parents: Arya & Azrael

Habibi is a small female who by a happy coincidence was born the same day as Radieuse, July 27th, 2020 at the cattery Hannah Bohemia in Prague. Raised in a friendly atmosphere, she has a very strong character and expresses herself a lot. She likes to run around and loves the company of her fellows. She is also very sociable with humans. She is smaller than the average but she has a very harmonious body with a soft and dense coat, small ears, a short and thick tail.

Habibi is the color of my dreams. Her breeder Radana has specialized in British Shorthair Blotched tabby in Silver and bicolor.

How is Habibi different from my British ?

She is chocolate: it is a basic color that I work only in its diluted form, lilac.

She is silver: the silver gene is a color-modifying gene. It gives the silvery dress background that makes Habibi’s dress luminous. This gene is dominant and makes me hope to fix it in future generations.

he is blotched tabby: the tabby gene is the one that gives a tiger pattern. There are several tiger patterns in the British. Habibi’s tiger pattern is the blotched pattern which is characterized by butterfly wings on the flanks and oysters on the shoulders. This tiger pattern is recessive so it will be difficult to bring it out on kittens but all Habibi’s kittens will be tiger.

This is a new direction for me that I wish to start with the collaboration of my breeder friends in the coming years. 

The recent arrival of Habibi is the occasion to explain you here the process of integration of a cat from another cattery and the start of a new type of British. 

In order to remotely choose a kitten born abroad, I first had to get in touch with the Czech breeder and obtain from her some indispensable information: the pedigrees of the parents and their health tests (screening for Leukosis, AIDS, Polycystosis of the kidneys and cardiac ultrasounds of the parents). All the breeders not having the same level of requirements, the choice of the catteries is already reduced at this first stage. The catteries to which I can address myself are not numerous considering the difficulty to obtain this level of professionalism.

For Habibi, I obtained the necessary information without difficulty from her breeder Radana. We have a common vision of breeding and reproduction.

Once reserved, we had to organize the trip from Prague in the Czech Republic to my home near Paris in France. Her sister Haiko was reserved by my friend Sylvie from Les Gummis en Sucre cattery. Upon their arrival in France, Habibi and Haiko were isolated together at home. The quarantine period is a precaution to prevent the new kitten from infecting the cats in the cattery if the kitten was carrying any kind of disease. This period allows for all the necessary medical examinations to be performed before introducing the kitten to the other cats.

Different administrative steps are also necessary to regularize the arrival of a foreign cat in France from the very first days: it is necessary to register the chip with I-Cad and to register the foreign pedigree with the LOOF. The administrative formalities take time. It is necessary to have all the export papers in order to make the administrative steps, at the risk of an extremely restrictive 6-month administrative quarantine (sanitary and administrative controls).

At the end of the quarantine Haiko joined my friend Sylvie and Habibi became Radieuse’s best friend.