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Duspara (Friday, 27 November 2020 15:43) #35

A little over a year ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming little Parker. Although he was very shy, he quickly showed his curiosity and became accustomed to his environment. Parker is a very cuddly, greedy and talkative cat! Close to his owners, he is very unhappy when we are not with him and we have to admit that we are also unhappy when we are not near him. 🙁 Incredibly beautiful, we never cease to be amazed when we look at him! We are very lucky to have him and love him terribly! I’m glad I stumbled upon your kennel. Thank you so much! 🙂 Alexandre and Hinda

Monique and Jean-Marc Lavergne (Thursday, 22 October 2020 16:18) #34

A great day, my husband said YES! For us, long ago, but for a kitten! Luckily I immediately looked at the Clos d’Eugénie website. A first interview with Valerie and it was ‘love at first sight’ because she spoke as I had dreamed of being spoken to; True! Quite simply, the love of the cat. The exchanges with Valerie could only confirm our desire. We are now parents of a beautiful little Rhéa since one week, as pretty as affectionate. A love who already behaves like a big girl despite being only 3 months old, which proves the wisdom of her cat and human mothers. A real cuddler on legs, a ‘purr-fect box’ so pleasant to listen to. We are in awe at every moment. Honestly, we didn’t think we would be so happy to share our life with such a great little lady. The main credit goes to Valerie who is a real conductor on a daily basis in order to realize the beautiful melody of our stories. A big thank you to you Valerie

Perrine (Thursday, 17 September 2020 18:14) #33

Dear Valerie,
We had the project to adopt a British for a while, and when I discovered your work I had a real crush on your cattery. Your passion and professionalism are evident, and thanks to you we were able to adopt our beautiful kitten a few weeks ago in the best possible conditions. We are very happy together, and for that we say a huge thank you!

Floriane and Clémence (Thursday, 10 September 2020 13:55) #32

My dear Valerie,

I don’t know if you remember our first meeting but it was difficult for us because you felt, quite rightly, that we were not ready to adopt a kitten! My mistrust of cats and the responsibility that this represented. You understood that. We understood it less.
You then gave us some time to think about it and we came back to you to adopt a kitten from Macha’s litter. Her last one unfortunately! That’s why you then suggested that we adopt Macha who was about to retire, leaving us the choice! And after a little thought we decided to adopt Macha, the wonderful, beautiful Macha.
I will never regret this choice! She is so clever, so mischievous. We are completely crazy about this exceptional cat. So I wanted to thank you, you have reconciled me with cats (the first nights I did not even sleep in the spa room with Macha next to me!) today she sleeps at the foot of the bed! Thank you for listening to me, for your kindness, every question you asked had an answer! And above all, thank you for the trust you have placed in us by entrusting her to us because I know that Macha is an exceptional cat for you!
I have nothing to add Thank you! I have nothing to add! I am sure that Macha

Corinne (Thursday, 29 November 2018 16:56) #30

Valerie is a very professional breeder who knows how to accompany her adopters. As a first time adopter, I was totally discovering the world of cats, she always answered my questions, doubts, fears… and this long after I adopted my little ball of fur! It’s been more than two months now that our beautiful Gloria has been sharing our daily life and what a joy to discover her more and more. The cats at Le Clos d’Eugenie are exceptionally beautiful, you can go there with your eyes closed!
Thank you very much for your advice and your precious listening Valérie.
Kind regards

Valerie (Monday, 19 November 2018 23:31) #29

Dear Valerie,
It has been almost two months since our little Oracio joined us and brings us joy and happiness. He is a very sociable little cat, very playful, very cuddly and wonderfully beautiful. He delights everyone he meets and makes them fall under his spell.
We thank you for all the love you give to your kittens, which is evident in their sociable and balanced personalities. We also thank you for your availability when we need advice and for your warm welcome.
We fell under the charm of your Brtish shortair, a breed we did not know.
We look forward to hearing from you soon about Oracio.
Yours sincerely.

Jasmine CPK (Tuesday, 03 July 2018 19:25) #28

Valerie is an intuitive, relevant and responsive woman. After a first contact with her by phone, and after having explained to her the particularity of my research, she directed me towards the most beautiful solution that was then possible to imagine. Thanks to Valerie, Fiorella came into our lives, and believe me, she did the job!!! 😉 I will never be able to thank Valerie enough for her common sense and her intelligence of the heart.

Annabelle (Monday, 25 June 2018 15:57) #27

Thank you Valerie for taking such good care of Ombre-Gribouille. I know the time, energy and love you put into your work.
Your unfailing availability has been precious to me as a first-time adopter, as I am often afraid of doing things wrong.
Ombre-Gribouille has conquered all hearts!
Good luck and thanks again.

Colette M (Friday, 27 April 2018 11:53) #26

Dear Valerie
After much research, my meeting with you Valerie was important.
I would like to thank you sincerely for your listening, your availability and our warm exchanges.
Your passion for your cats, who receive a lot of love, makes for well-balanced kittens.
For 2 weeks now, Oceane has been sharing my life, she is a ray of sunshine, her presence brings me a lot of joy
She got used very quickly, is sociable, playful, cuddly (very often on my lap) and beautiful.
I don’t hesitate to recommend your kennel which is of great quality

Sandrine D.S (Sunday, 22 April 2018 15:20) #25

Dear Valerie,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you do. Thanks to you, I have a balanced, cuddly, sweet, mischievous, playful and very curious little Lily without forgetting a real beauty. I also wanted to underline the difficult work of Valerie because it is a full time job, an irreproachable hygiene, a daily attention, the experience and the best care, in short only a real passionate person can realize wonders.
only a real passionate person can achieve wonders. I have had my little Lily for 15 days now and she is growing very fast and making me happy every day. She is a breed of cat that is worth the diversions because of her beauty inside and outside. If I had to take a second one I would return to Valerie without any hesitation. Congratulations again for your breeding and thank you again for your precious advice and for having chosen me to realize this beautiful project of having a British…
Good continuation 🙂

Nathalie (Monday, 26 February 2018) #24

After a warm welcome, it’s the meeting with a breeder who knows what she’s talking about and knows what she’s doing. I waited a few months and not for nothing. To welcome a cat of exceptional beauty and unexpected kindness. No stress on arrival, my cat is very sociable, very close. I had no experience with a cat, I am fulfilled every day. Thank you Valerie, your work is exceptional.

Sabine Pereira (Tuesday, 23 January 2018 17:49) #23

Hello Valerie,
After dreaming about it for a long time, it’s now almost 7 months that Noxie has entered our lives for the happiness of us all. It is an incredible blue of sweetness and curiosity.
A big thank you for this cat love
Sabine, Léonie & Guillaume (whom Noxie “fell” in love with)

GERARD Jalila (Saturday, 16 September 2017 09:34) #22

Hi Valerie,

A (late) return concerning Ludwig, adopted in June 2015; 2 years later, I am still delighted to have found the ideal cattery 🙂 Ludwig is incredibly gentle and kind, we welcomed a baby in 2016 and what a joy to see how welcoming and protective Ludwig has been with his little “brother”. Thank you again for choosing our family to welcome Ludwig 🙂 long life to your cattery!

LEBIGRE Alexandra (Wednesday, 19 July 2017 16:18) #21

After a long search to find the perfect cattery, I can say without hesitation that I have found it,
It’s been just over a month since we welcomed Nocciola and we are delighted.
She is a little ball of fur full of life, cuddly and curious who adapts incredibly quickly, I didn’t expect so much…
Impossible not to fall in love with such a beauty, inside and out.
Thank you Valerie for your wonderful work which has allowed us to bring this magnificent ray of sunshine into our lives,
See you soon for news of Nocciola,
Alexandra & Filipe

Pezy Glucksmann Sliwanski (Saturday, 10 June 2017 13:55) #20

Magical meeting!!!
Professionalism, perfectionist, attentive, listening, generous and passionate … The very definition of Valerie. A marvellous job and a real crush for this beautiful breeding. Noli and Ivana came into our lives and since then, we have been living great moments. The British is a revelation and I confirm that you can go there with your eyes closed. Thank you for this beautiful adventure. Xavier, Charlotte and Baptiste

Nathalie Ngo (Monday, 03 April 2017 22:58) #19

Dear Valerie,
Thanks to you, it has already been 6 months since Mona Lisa entered our lives.
A real ray of sunshine, that this beautiful little kitty.
We adore her, she is sublime, cute, endearing, playful, mischievous, curious as a magpie and so funny.
In short, she has won us over �
We really appreciated your professionalism, and we would like to thank you
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening to us, giving us so much advice and finally helping us to make our choice.
Thank you also for continuing to answer our questions when we have them.
We can only recommend your cattery ����
Nathalie and Christophe

Claire (Sunday, 13 December 2015 11:18) #18

Hi Valerie, we have had the joy of welcoming Lyrica for a week now and we are over the moon. Congratulations on your work Lyrica is as beautiful as she is sweet, playful, mischievous and sociable. She has been very well brought up and I know that your involvement and the love you give to your cats has a lot to do with it. I am happy to have met you and can only recommend to all future adopters to look at your site to see future births. It’s comforting to see that there are serious breeders and we are getting our kitten back with confidence knowing that the best care has been given to them. Thank you so much for accompanying us in this adoption and for all your precious advice for me who had never had animals before. See you soon for news of our Lyrica who has already grown 🙂

Oriane (and the boys!) (Wednesday, 09 December 2015 22:19) #17

Dear Valerie,
Many thanks for all the love you give to your cats and kittens. We are completely won over by Lord and Lara who are balanced, full of life, funny, cuddly, rowdy, gorgeous and so on. With children, they are sweethearts, always gentle and patient. A dream!
Beyond the beauty of your cats and the great quality of your breeding, I also met an extraordinary person: you!
I am delighted to have found you and to have been able to realize, with you, a family project.
See you soon for more news and I wish all future adopters of British to visit your site to fall, without any doubt, under the spell of your work.

Ermelin (Friday, 24 July 2015 21:55) #16

I’m very pleased with the quality of your kittens, and I’m sure you’ll find them to be the best in France today.
My congratulations to you all!

Vanessa (Monday, 04 May 2015 15:48) #15

Thank you Valerie, we left with stars in our eyes after discovering little Lynn, her sisters, her brothers, her sweet parents and all the caring environment that surrounds them.
Just to tell you that we are really aware of the extent of your work, which requires an exceptional commitment and investment on all points (impeccable hygiene, veterinary follow-up, health tests, selected food, care of the little ones, the mothers, games, equipment, welcome and advice to future adopters… the list is endless, time and more time).
Obviously much more than a simple job… like all these activities where the starting point is a passion. Where one can forget the mountain of work and costs associated with it.
Your work is remarkable, precious for the kittens and the splendid cats they will become <3 Thank you for them, for us!

Locksmith Fresnes (Tuesday, 04 November 2014 16:35) #14

Your site is excellent, nothing to say except congratulate you and wish you a long continuation.

Nicole TONDA (Wednesday, 15 October 2014 14:07) #13

A big thank you to Valerie for her kindness and professionalism! I have at home an adorable three month old kitten (a …) Jézabel who is adorable, hyper cuddly, playful, so “intelligent” she has already made a good number of discoveries that we “humans” would call “nonsense” … She loves to nibble my nose while purring and I love her.

Vabank *PL (Sunday, 17 August 2014 09:43) #12


So lovely cats and website!!! Congratulations! 🙂
We wish you a lot of success with breeding!

Best regards from Poland!
Sylwia – Cattery Vabank*PL

ROUFFIAC (Friday, 18 July 2014 11:26) #11

“Like father, like daughter” is IZIA great player with paper pellets, foam ball that she brings in our hand by soliciting us vocally!!! She followed the World Cup with assiduity, even trying to intercept the ball on the screen. She is also a sweetheart who comes to lick the tip of your nose in the morning to greet you and in the evening at bedtime with a lovely purr. What love, beauty and mischief that your cats Valerie, I can only recommend your breeding to those who want a true British companion extraordinary life. Thank you Valerie

Emma et Annie (Sunday, 13 July 2014 08:32) #10

Valerie’s cats are real treasures. Iuki who is just over 6 months old now has become the little prince of the house under the benevolent eye of Pacha who is 8 years old. Thank you Valerie for putting so much love and attention into what you do. You can see it in the personality of your cats who are not only very beautiful but also very sociable, very cuddly and very well balanced. You will see us again very soon !!!!!

sandrine laurent (Friday, 23 May 2014 16:26) #9

Thank you to Valerie for her wonderful songs.
I’m sure you’ll find it very easy to find a new cat.
Personally I wouldn’t say no to a third one!

COSTENOBLE Clara (Monday, 17 March 2014 12:58) #8

Thank you to Valerie for her seriousness, her deonthology and her listening. We have an adorable little cat, beautiful and has a golden character:) I highly recommend Clos d’eugénie for the beauty and kindness of the cats that are raised there!

poursain pascale (Monday, 13 January 2014 18:53) #7

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your cats are, I’ve looked at many British breeders’ websites with beautiful kittens and cats but yours is really by far the most moving. So I thank you very much for allowing me to experience such happiness in looking at them.

Françoise LASNIER (Thursday, 26 December 2013 11:14) #6

First Christmas with our little chipie! It’s been six months since Ice shared our life and it’s only joy and happiness! Thank you to Mrs Mounier for fighting so hard to save our little shrimp at birth and for taking such good care of her for three months. She gave us a wonderful gift because Ice is very sociable, full of life, she always asks us to play, she follows us everywhere like a dog and she is very talkative. I wanted a British from a small kennel and I know that I made a very, very good choice by talking to Mrs Mounier and I recommend the Clos d’Eugénie to all those who wish to adopt a small British. Thank you again for giving us the happiness to share our life with our little dog!

Caroline & Antoine (Saturday, 23 November 2013 23:55) #5

We are delighted to have found Valerie and Le Clos d’Eugenie. We adopted Howard there in June 2012, and he never ceases to make us happy: he is both adorable, playful and very beautiful. Thank you

Catherine Peyrot (Thursday, 07 November 2013 19:03) #4

It’s a very good idea to open a guestbook so that adopters of these wonderful British cats can talk about their beautiful experience and recommend Valérie Mounier’s little cattery.
From our first phone call I knew that I had finally found the ideal breeder! A warm and attentive person who loves her cats with passion.
She is very professional and ethical.
Her cats are superb with a special mention for Gracieuse and Hidalgo, the parents of my beautiful Indigo who is already 10 months old and who by his joyful and tender presence embellishes the life of the whole family.

Annabel and Thomas (Wednesday, 23 October 2013 13:42) #3

You’re falling for the British, look no further! Valerie is a great ambassador for the breed. Her cats are splendid. They are the incarnation of the characteristic roundness of the British. Balls of love.
Valerie is, indeed, a breeder out of the ordinary, “chic and warm” just like her little protégés. Her passion is deliciously contagious and her love for her cats a real joy to share. We are watching our little Iggor grow up with delight thanks to Valérie’s beautiful photos and the moments shared with her.
What happiness! Thank you Valérie.

Sammut Céline (mardi, 22 octobre 2013 22:46) #2

C’est très dur de résumer en quelques lignes tout ce que nous avons trouvé dans ce magnifique élevage!
Tout d’abord, les plus beaux chats de la race sont ici : inutile de chercher plus loin!! (une dédicace particulière à Gracieuse qui est vraiment superbe..)
Ensuite, il y a Valérie… Valérie ce n’est pas une éleveuse normale, c’est une personne rare avec un cœur immense pour ses chats et pour ses adoptants.
Elle est toujours là pour répondre à vos angoisses, vos questions (et Dieu sait que je suis très très très bavarde!!) , et le must du must pour un adoptant : vous avez des photos et des petites vidéos régulièrement!!!
Donc, Valérie encore un grand merci de nous faire confiance pour Inoa …
Vous savez que vous avez une nouvelle famille de cœur à Marseille.!

Lefèvre Marie (mardi, 22 octobre 2013 18:29) #1

Une éleveuse superbe et très sérieuse, très présente pour ses adoptants, toujours de bons conseils, ce n’est pas pour rien que je reprends un deuxième chaton de ses magnifiques portées de british. 🙂