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Why the British Shorthair breed ?

Each British Shorthair cat has its own physical and psychological particularities that makes him unique. However, the genetic heritage common to all British Shorthair cats lies in the physical roundness to which is added the softness of character.

In a few words the British Shorthair is a chic and warm cat.The British Shorthair exists in two varieties: the British Shorthair and the British Longhair. From the very beginning, I chose the British Shorthair because I am fascinated by its woolly and thick coat. From time to time we have British Longhair kittens in a litter.

When I started, I wished to create a breeding with very few reproducers in order to be able to offer a particular attention to each one of them. It is the choice of quality and not the choice of quantity, out of passion before any other consideration. Consequently, I only have a few litters per year.

When I chose my first breeders, I was lucky enough to immediately meet an exceptional cat, Gracieuse-Eugénie, who has been the muse of my cattery since 2011. Today I still keep her descendants and I continue to preserve this lineage at home and with some breeders friends

The health of cats and kittens has always been my priority. Since the beginning of my activity, I have been working in close collaboration with a veterinarian who advises me and regularly visits my cattery in order to constantly improve. Doctor de Ponnat closely follows my cats, births and kittens until their departure in their family. The gestation of the mothers and the progress of the litters are crucial periods in the life of a cattery. The last important step is the choice of the families.

In the British breed, we are fortunate to have a very large number of colors, patterns and designs. At the end of my first litters, my preference for the British uni and the British bicolor in the blue and lilac colors was confirmed. Currently, after several years of research in Europe, I have the opportunity to start breeding British Shorthair chocolate silver tabby bicolor, rare color and coat.

In parallel to the breeding, I have been collaborating for more than a year with Sacha LakicRoche Bobois‘ leading designer for 20 years, in order to offer a collection of contemporary furniture for cats that will enhance your interiors.

Our first collection is available on bogarel.com.